What is the difference between instruments and gauges

An instrument or device used in science and technology for experimentation, measurement, observation, inspection, drawing, etc. usually a set of equipment or machinery for a specific purpose. The instrument is usually used for scientific research or technical measurement, industrial automation process control, production and other USES, which is generally for a purpose device. Such as drying oven, incubator, muffle furnace, biosafety cabinet, and other laboratory equipment. The instrument structure is more complex and belongs to the high - tech products. It’s composed of multiple components. The size, weight, and shape of the apparatus are various, the smallest can be directly held in hand, and the larger volume instruments are generally referred to as devices or devices. Gauges are generally used to indicate data use instruments, including pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flow meter instruments, electrical instruments, electronic measuring instruments, etc. Instruments may include gauges, gauges don’t include instrument. Kenton apparatus Co., Ltd http://en.kentonchina.com/
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