How to troubleshoot vacuum drying oven leakage and maintenance

Each oven has its own specific application, and each material can find a number of drying devices that meet the basic requirements, but only one is suitable. Such as improper selection, user besides take unnecessary one-time high purchasing cost, but also pay a heavy price in the whole period of using, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operation cost, product quality is poor, and even could not run normally and so on. The following is the general principle of oven selection, it’s difficult to say which one or which is the most important, electric blast oven ideal selection must be based on their own conditions have been focused, sometimes a compromise is necessary. 1. Applicability -- Drying device must first be able to apply to specific materials, and to meet the basic requirements of the use of materials, including good material can be processed (feeding, transport, fluidization, dispersion, Heat transfer, discharge, etc.), and to meet the handling capacity, dehydration, product quality and other aspects of the basic requirements. 2. Drying rate is high -- only the drying rate, the convection drying material is highly dispersed in hot air, the critical moisture content is low, drying speed, and the same convection drying, drying method of different critical water content is also different, So the drying rate is also different. 3. Low energy consumption -- different drying methods can be used in different drying methods. The thermal efficiency of general conduction drying can be up to 100%, and the flow drying can only be about 70%. 4. Economize investment -- to complete the same function of drying equipment, Sometimes its costs vary widely, you should choose the lower one. 5. Low operating cost -- equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor cost, maintenance, spare parts fee. The operating expenses of the electric drum drying oven should be as low as possible. 6. Priority selection of simple structure, spare parts supply adequate, high reliability, long life of the drying device. 7. Meet the environmental requirements, working conditions, and high security. 8. Selection of the best material to do the drying experiment, in-depth understanding of similar materials have been used in the drying device (advantages and disadvantages), often on the appropriate selection of help. 9. Don’t completely relying on past experience, focusing on absorbing new technology and listening to experts. Kenton apparatus Co., Ltd
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